Some Common Questions

What is the Mission of Boy Scouts? prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

What Do Scouts Do?

Some of the best things about Boy Scouting are the activities the boys (and sometimes you) get to do: camping, hiking, going on field trips, or doing projects that help our community and the people who live here. 

Do the Parents Have a Role?

Yes. We don't expect a parent to leap right in... you are encouraged to go at your own pace. But, be warned, you might eventually get 'the fever' that many of our leaders got from Scouting. Check out our "How Can I Help?" page.

How Old (or young) Can a Boy be to Join?

The Boy Scout program is for boys who are 11 years old, are at least ten years old and have finished the fifth grade, or are at least ten years old and have earned the Arrow of Light award as a Cub Scout. The purpose of Boy Scouting is the same as it is for Cub Scouts: to help boys grow into good citizens who are strong in character and personally fit. But because they're older, Boy Scouts have a program with more and bigger challenges.

How do our Scouts Achieve Their Goals?

Activities are used to achieve the aims of Scouting—citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness. 

What Supplies and Equipment are Needed?

At minimum, each boy in Boy Scouting will need a uniform and a handbook. 

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