Fundraising Program

Unfortunately, annual dues alone does not cover all of the costs of supporting troop activities and equipment needs. Because of this, fundraising is a very important activity within the troop. 

There are two types of fundraisers, one expects all scouts to participate, as earnings benefit the entire troop:
  • Hat, Neckerchief, Shoulder Loops, #1 Patch
  • Troop equipment
  • Scout patches, badges and recognition awards
The second type is voluntary, and each participating scout's earnings are added to his troop account to be applied towards summer camp or monthly trips.

Benefits to Your Scout:
  • Teaches the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives a strong sense of accomplishment by being able to help fund their participation in trips and/or camp.
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence
  • Exhibits great Troop Spirit!

Sales Goals to Strive for:
  • $250.00 per Scout - Boy Scout, Tenderfoot
  • $300.00 per Scout - Second Class, First Class
  • $350.00 per Scout - Star, Life
  • $450.00 per Scout - Eagle

Ways to Sell:  
  • Show and Sells 
  • Show and Deliver
  • Take Orders (door-to-door)*
  • Selling at Work
  • Selling Online
* REMEMBER! Never go by yourself. Always go with a parent and another scout.
Help Needed!

Each event needs a Chair, and at least one Co-Chair. By doing this, the amount of work any one person takes on should be manageable. Do you have a few hours to share your talents?

2016-17 Fundraising Events

Poinsettia & Wreath Sale
Flower Sale
2015-16 Fundraising Events

Car Wash
Poinsettia & Wreath Sale
Flower Sale
2014-15 Fundraising Events

Poinsettia & Wreath Sale
Flower Sale
Car Wash
2013-14 Fundraising Events

Poinsettia & Wreath Sale
Holiday Brunch
Mother's Day Brunch
Flower Sale
2012-13 Events

Roslyn Car Show
Save-A-Lot Coupon Book
Poinsettia and Wreath Sale
Parents Night Out
Breakfast with Santa
Applebee's Pancake Breakfast
Flower Sale