In Closing...

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing one of our leaders or by visiting us at our next meeting. We are readily available to help answer any questions, and hope to see you soon!

Take Aways...

Monday nights at 7:15 at Abington Presbyterian Church. 

Troop Calendar
Use this page to find important dates and times 

Parent Packet
For new and existing families who have general questions about scouting and about our pack.

Ask the Leaders
If you have ANY questions all you need to do is ask.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts
This form allows you to express your interest to the Troop Leaders and ask questions or make comments. We’d like to know where you are in the process so take a minute and let us know. 

Oh, and one last thing...

Summary of ways parents can be involved in a variety of ways.


Troop 1 Abington Leadership Team