Merit Badge Sash

Merit badges should be place on the front of the sash, three across in each row. Additional merit badges and temporary insignia may be worn on the back of the sash.

The merit badge sash  is worn over the right shoulder on formal occasions such as:
  • Blue and Gold
  • Court of Honor
The sash should never be worn:
  • folded through the belt
  • at the same time as the Order of the Arrow sash
  • buttoned under the shoulder loop strap

Order of the Arrow (OA) Sash

The Order of the Arrow sashes are worn as shown, for OA functions.
  • The sash is worn over the right shoulder so that the arrow is pointing over the right shoulder (see the illustration to the left).

  • The sash is worn diagonally across the chest. It is not worn in any other manner. 

  • It is not worn with the Merit Badge Sash. 

  • The OA Sash is NEVER suspended from a belt or pants top.