On the Trail to Eagle... Merit Badges

Earning merit badges is an important part of scouting and provides boys with opportunities to learn about various careers, sports, science, and many other topics. Twelve merit badges are required for the Eagle rank. Earning these badges will provide a scout with a well-rounded base of scout knowledge. Another nine badges of the scout's option are required to reach Eagle rank, as well.

    Check out the list of merit badges and current requirements on the BSA website, or from the list in the Scout Handbook. Find out about the merit badge requirements and then meet with the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster will help you find the name and contact information for a merit badge counselor. The Scoutmaster will also provide you with a signed merit badge application (sometimes called "blue cards"). You may then contact the merit badge counselor and arrange to meet him or her to discuss and work on the chosen merit badge.

    Troop 1 recommends either U.S. Scouting Service Project or Boy Scout Trail as an on-line merit badge resource. The sites maintain an up-to-date listing of merit badges, requirements, and other related resources. Check it out! In addition, the Troop 1 library contains many merit badge pamphlets which can be borrowed. Please see the Troop Librarian.

    A number of adults associated with Troop 1 are merit badge counselors. In addition, there are merit badge counselors active throughout our scouting district and council. You must check with the Scoutmaster to obtain approval to begin work with a merit badge counselor. The Scoutmaster will help you to find a counselor.

REMINDER: Scouts must meet with the Scoutmaster before beginning work on a merit badge, and must ask the Scoutmaster or his designee for the blue card. No scout is to meet with a merit badge counselor alone. Always arrange for a parent or another scout to be present, as well.