Troop 1 Leadership

In Boy Scout Troops, there are different leadership positions (see descriptions) and responsibilities that work together to make a great scouting program. The Organizational Chart gives a basic structure of what the following looks like.

Below is a list of leaders and positions who help make Troop 1 great:
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> Scoutmaster >  Niehoff, William "Bill" 
Assistant Scoutmaster  Tsung, Allen 
Assistant Scoutmaster Activities Whalen, Frank 
Assistant Scoutmaster Administration   
Assistant Scoutmaster Patrol Advisor Gordon, Sean 
Assistant Scoutmaster Patrol Advisor Judge, Marty 
Assistant Scoutmaster Patrol Advisor Shurtleff, Janice 
Assistant Scoutmaster Programming Stock, William "Bill"  
Assistant Scoutmaster Service   
Assistant Scoutmaster Technology Judge, Kristin O. 
Committee > Chair Judge, Marty M. 
Committee Advancement Chair Wells, Amy 
Committee Chartered Organization Representative Dean, John H. 
Committee Eagle Advisor Whalen, Frank 
Committee Equipment Coordinator Lockart, Mike  
Committee Friends of Scouting (FOS) Chair Dean, John H. 
Committee Health Officer Wu, Chris  
Committee Membership Chair   
Committee Outdoor/Activities Chair Denise Venuto-Wurst 
Committee Photographer Wu, Chris  
Committee Public Relations Chair   
Committee Public Relations Chair   
Committee Scouting for Food Chair   
Committee ScoutParent Unit Coordinator   
Committee Secretary Harrison, Mikina  
Committee Training Chair   
Committee Treasurer Shurtleff, Janice 
Committee Webmaster Judge, Kristin O. 
Scout > Senior Patrol Leader Emerson n/a 
Scout Asst Senior Patrol Leader  n/a 
Scout Asst Senior Patrol Leader  n/a 
Scout Asst Senior Patrol Leader Sean n/a 
Scout Chaplain Aide Chris n/a 
Scout Den Chief   
Scout Patrol Leader  n/a 
Scout Patrol Leader (Scorpion) Calum n/a 
Scout Patrol Leader (Wolf) Evan n/a 
Scout Troop Guide  n/a 
Scout Troop Guide Alex n/a 
Scout Troop Historian  n/a 
Scout Troop Instructor  n/a 
Scout Troop Librarian  n/a 
Scout Troop Quartermaster Sebastian n/a 
Scout Troop Scribe Desi n/a 
Scout Venture Crew Chief  n/a 
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